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Data Processing & Billing Services

Ahlers data processing and billing service

At Ahlers we can imagine that our excitement about problem-free, state-wide data collection and processing can only be equaled by your sense of feeling burdened by the same challenges.

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Web Based Reporting

Ahlers web based reporting

Ahlers was asked to develop a web application to assure that all Family Planning Expansion Program clients had provided proof of citizenship.

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Ahlers Electronic Charting (EMR)

Ahlers Electronic Healthcare Reporting

Ahlers Electronic Charting, powered by Practice Suite, is the most intuitive and the only EHR that resembles a paper chart.

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Ahlers Cloud Solutions

Ahlers cloud solutions

In many domains it is much more desirable to buy than rent. However, technology is NOT one of those domains. Why? Because you buy servers, and operating systems, and anti-virus programs.

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Training To Trust

Ahlers has training to trust

The 100 plus pages of RFP you put together in search for the perfect clinic management software are behind you. Forgotten are the proposals you had to review.

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When Is Good Software Great?

Ahlers builds quality software

An RFP thick as a book. Every “T” crossed, every “I” dotted. All stakeholders, from IT specialist to patient services and clinic directors have had input.

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