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The 100 plus pages of RFP you put together in search for the perfect clinic management software are behind you. Forgotten are the proposals you had to review.

The software demos you plowed through. You’ve purchased the Ahlers Integrated Solutions software, and now you’re remembering why.

  • You remember the phone conversations with Rich, Gary, or Sam. And that they were able to speak English rather than computerese!
  • You remember the set-up guides Gary helped you work through so that your training was in your control… training about you and not some fictitious agency resembling you.

You remember Gary’s patient responses to your many questions. And his cheerful, probing questions that helped you get clear about some confusion you now can’t recall.

New Beginnings: In Better Hands with Ahlers

Ahlers’ trainers understand that becoming an expert navigator in the Ahlers Integrated Solutions System is an on-going process (After all, public health care’s never-ending rules and regulations make yours a challenging business.). But you can be a competent AIS user in a matter of hours. Ahlers figures it’s hard enough to make a good software decision. The software should be simple, the support solid. Something we’ve been doing for decades!

Training Should Soften the Hard Effect of New Rules on Your Agency and Your Software

Ahlers, because of forty years in our unique role as data contractor to manage data collection and reports for over a dozen different state health departments, is more knowledgeable about rule changes than any other non-profit health-care software developer in the United States. State administrators regularly invite our President, Rich Ahlers, to help clarify the new rules and smooth the transition for all agencies that have to abide by those changes. Where other software developers react to your request for changes (or not in the worst case scenarios), Ahlers is able to be proactive for you. We tell you what the changes are and interpret the impact those changes will have on you. And, of course, we make the software changes you need and train your clinic staff on those changes. We have yet to miss one of our deadlines, and as an Ahlers software user YOU won’t either!

The Freedom of Choice: How Else We Will Take Care of Your Training Needs

Ahlers provides ongoing training opportunities. You can request onsite training. You can also get it at regional meetings if your state administrator wishes to do so. Maybe you don’t want to leave home for training. Have it your way! The choice is yours. Live training is as close as your computer. Ahlers offers FREE training via live webinar which enables you to save gas, time, and wear and tear on your vehicle and you!
All you need is the following:

  • A computer with high speed internet
  • Desire to solve a problem you have
  • Yourself or even a large group as learners
  • And to contact Gary Garcia or Customer Service at 800-888-1836

We’ll make your goal our goal, your problem our problem, your concern ours. First and always. Trust this: As an AIS user, you are only as alone as you choose to be.

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