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Ahlers Cloud Solutions

Ahlers cloud solutions

In many domains it is much more desirable to buy than rent. However, technology is NOT one of those domains.

Why? Because you buy servers, and operating systems, and anti-virus programs, and pay people to set it all up, and after a few years most of what you have paid for becomes obsolete so then you get to buy it all over again! You essentially own very expensive paperweights for which you have spent a great deal of money and have nothing to show for it after a short period of time. In addition, the cost of maintaining these soon-to-be-obsolete servers is a killer! Is there a better way? You bet there is! You’re seeing it a lot in medical software advertising these days. Instead of owning the equipment you rent it from a Cloud service provider. The Cloud service provider buys the equipment and operating systems, and anti-virus programs, and pays people to set it up and maintain it instead of YOU!

Why is there such a shift to the Cloud, especially in healthcare?

Because health care providers are recognizing it is cheaper to rent than to buy, and the increasing reliability and speed of the internet has made it possible to save money by using the Cloud provider’s equipment to run clinic management software systems.

Does Ahlers have a Cloud?

Ahlers indeed has a private Cloud based in our offices in Waco, Texas, which is ready and waiting to remove the burden and expense of maintaining your Ahlers Integrated Solutions and Ahlers Electronic Charting systems in-house. We will make sure your backups are done nightly (on-site and off-site), we will keep up with the latest operating system and antivirus updates, we will provide a secure environment for your data, we will have instant access to your data in the event you need support assistance, we will do your Ahlers system updates for you when they are needed, and we will even do your CVR transmission file creation and transfer if you like!

Is the Ahlers Cloud expensive?

Pricing for the Ahlers Cloud, as with all other Ahlers products, is extremely reasonable. You pay a flat fee each month for the Cloud service so there are no budget surprises or big expenses when it is time to upgrade servers. And you get the same reliability and quality of service you have come to expect from Ahlers to go along with our reasonable pricing!

How can I learn more about the Ahlers Cloud?

Call Gary, Rich, or Sam at 800-888-1836, or email them at,, or They will be happy to answer any more questions you may have and provide a customized proposal for your agency.

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