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Ahlers Electronic Charting Powered by PracticeSuite

Ahlers electronic charting


Ahlers Electronic Charting, powered by PracticeSuite, is the most intuitive and the only EHR that resembles a paper chart.

Unique system features such as the Clinical Desktop and Face Sheet along with an experienced Ahlers Implementation Team and on-going Ahlers Comfort Support, make the Ahlers Electronic Charting Module much more than just an EHR system that meets basic Meaningful Use requirements. Its intelligent design, intuitive navigation and seamless interface between all phases of the clinic management, charting and billing process, make an ‘Ahlers Software Solution’ the perfect and most complete choice for non-profit healthcare agencies like yours. Some key features include:

  • The Clinical Desktop
  • The Face Sheet
  • Seamless Interfacing between ALL Modules
  • Able to accommodate MANY different programs/specialties
  • ePrescribing
  • E&M Coding
  • To-Do Lists
  • Inter/Intra Office Communication
  • HIPAA Security and Compliance
  • Ahlers Implementation Specialists
  • On-going Ahlers Comfort Support


While many EHR users report that the implementation of their new electronic charting system was time consuming and frustrating, most have not transitioned to such a well designed system nor benefited from an experienced Ahlers Trainer. Using the same proven methods as those used in the implementation of our practice management systems, an Ahlers Trainer will guide you through the entire transition from paper to electronic charting. What’s our secret? We create, with your input, an EHR customized to look exactly like your current health history and exam sheets which shortens the learning curve for your providers. Because the forms are familiar all they need to learn are basic navigation points to get up and running on electronic charting!
Some benefits enjoyed immediately after an Ahlers Electronic Charting transition include:

  • Decreases in repletion of information
  • All providers have access to the same up-to-date information
  • Improved communication amongst providers and staff
  • Information less likely to be lost or destroyed
  • May more accurately capture financial/coding information


Do you find yourself now wanting to add the Ahlers Electronic Charting Module but are limited by the subsequent software and hardware investment that adding a new software system and more users to your server/network would require? If you’ve been waiting to deploy an EHR solution at your clinic because of software and hardware costs, the wait is over! Why not bundle your hardware and software investments into one very affordable monthly payment? Contact us for questions, concerns and details on pricing!

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