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Worry-Free HIPAA Solutions

Yes, Ahlers Integrated Solutions is HIPAA compliant. When there was nation-wide confusion around HIPAA, the New York Health and Hospital Association approved of Ahlers’ take on HIPAA.

We promptly programmed our HIPAA knowledge into the Ahlers Integrated Solutions system, so that you can forget about HIPAA. Well, not quite. Because you want and need to be in control. After all, neither you nor Ahlers want to get fined. And, you want and need to stay in control of your system.

You’re in Control
You still have to know how to get into the system to change security authorization because Sally Smith just moved to Hawaii. The Ahlers HIPAA security module allows the system administrator to delete Sally’s authorization to get into the system by letting you assign unique user ids and passwords which can be viewed, changed, updated, or deleted. The system administrator is always in the driver’s seat.

HIPAA Issues Resolved for Ahlers Data-System Clients

You need your data to be secure on your computer and en route to Ahlers. The Ahlers programming and support staff know that. They’ve made your part so easy for you that you will need very little hand holding (but if you do, we’re glad to hold your hand.).

  • Call Customer Service for a user id and password
  • Let our support staff show you how you have a secure transmission (Hint: The Verisign seal located at the bottom of the client login page let’s you be reassured.)

Need more reassurance or information about HIPAA or on how safe your data is with Ahlers? Reach out to us!

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