FPAR 2.0: Ahlers & Associates Meets the Challenge!

The first year for encounter-level data file submission to the OPA contractor, Mathematica, is complete and we are pleased to report that Ahlers generated encounter-level data files for ALL of our Title X Grantee clients well before the deadline of April 4th, and ALL of the files uploaded to the Mathematica website by our Grantee clients passed ALL edits in place on the Mathematica website!  This was accomplished despite the lack of testing offered by Mathematica.

Our first data submitter, Cora Rabenberg at the North Dakota DoH, alertly discovered a bug on one of the data tables in the Mathematica system that will need to be fixed before next year’s report.  Cora was the first of our dozen Title X Grantee clients to implement FPAR 2.0 guidelines in her sub-recipient network and was a huge help not just to us but to many other Grantees who benefitted from her attention to detail, responsiveness, and extensive experience in Title X.  Thank you Cora for all you do!

If you are reading this and aren’t sure how to get started with encounter-level data collection, please contact me, Rich Ahlers, at rich@ahlerssoftware.com for a no-cost consultation.  The deadline to start collecting encounter-level data is 2025, and it’ll be here before you know it!

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