FPAR 2.0: Six Months Late and Counting!

In August of 2020 the Office of Population Affairs held a webinar for all Title X Grantees announcing the “final” plans for FPAR 2.0.  All data elements and associated values would be in place by the end of January 2021 and Grantees would need to start capturing the new data elements by January 2022.

Unfortunately, in August of 2021, there are still many elements in the latest FPAR 2.0 documentation which need “more guidance from OPA” as stated on the latest documentation dated May 2021.  Based on these continuing delays, OPA will be offering an option to Grantees to apply for a waiver to push the start date to January 2023.

There are technology companies in the marketplace who say they are READY for FPAR 2.0 and have all of the systems in place to get started right away, before OPA has finished defining the answers to all of the new questions in FPAR 2.0.

Just as a house cannot be built with incomplete plans, a data system cannot be built with incomplete documentation.

Rely on the experts at Ahlers & Associates to guide you through the FPAR 2.0 maze.  We have over 40 years’ experience providing encounter-level data systems to MANY Title X Grantees, including 2 of the largest in the country (NY and TX).  But it doesn’t stop there, we also offer:


– Easy data formatting for any clinical EMR to submit encounter data

– Web entry of Title X encounters for those sub-recipients who don’t have an EMR capable of meeting   the requirements

– User-definable, web-based reporting at the clinic, agency, and grantee levels

– Startup systems available in less than 60 days

– 100% US-based data center, support staff, and programming staff


Don’t wait until the last minute to start exploring possibilities for FPAR 2.0 compliance.  Send an email to Rich Ahlers at rich@ahlerssoftware.com to schedule a demo!

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