Tis the Season for FPAR!

We are quickly approaching the end of 2018 (hard to believe isn’t it?) which means it is time to start preparing for the Title X Family Planning Annual Report.  The process of generating the FPAR can be quite easy or quite difficult, depending on the system you’re using and the data contractor used by your state, if your state collects client-level data at all.

If you are in one of the dozen states which uses Ahlers as your data contractor, the process is quite easy as we produce the FPAR for you.  You can go to www.ahlerssoftware.com after the final cutoff of the year, click a few links, and there it is!

If you are not in 1 of those dozen states, but run Ahlers software, the process is still quite easy because you can run the FPAR in the Client Reports section of the WinCVR module of Ahlers software.

Regardless of how your data is collected, it is always a good idea to verify your 2018 numbers are accurate before the FPAR crunch early next year.  If your state uses Ahlers as your data contractor, you have an excellent tool to verify your numbers:  the Build A Report feature at www.ahlerssoftware.com!  You can run an Ending Method by Age report, or Race by Ethnicity report, or dozens of other reports, and compare them to your Ahlers WinCVR Client Reports or whatever system you’re using to submit data to Ahlers.  If the numbers are within a percentage point of each other, you’re in good shape.  If they’re not, you need to contact Ahlers Customer Service for assistance in determining what’s missing.  The best way to find missing data is to run a month by month report on the Ahlers website and compare it to your internal system reports.  Any months with discrepancies need to be regenerated and submitted before the FPAR deadline.  Ahlers Customer Service can assist with this too, if you’re using Ahlers software.

Don’t wait until the last minute to verify your FPAR numbers are accurate.  This report is arguably the most important report for Title X Family Planning clinics and Title X Grantees and you should be getting full credit for all of the hard work you do!  Happy Holidays!

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