Beware! Windows Upgrades in Progress!

January 14th, 2020.  What makes this date so special?  Well, it is the date that Microsoft will stop providing security updates for servers running MS Server 2008r2.  They will also stop providing security updates for workstations running Windows 7.

This is a big deal for Ahlers as well as anyone in the healthcare industry.  Violations of HIPAA security regulations due to lax data security protocols can easily put a healthcare entity, or a technology company, out of business with 1 large fine from OCR.  All 10 of our Windows-based servers, with one exception, are running MS Server 2008r2.  These servers do everything to help support the work our clients do, from uploading Title X data files and running reports on, to checking eligibility for the Oregon RH program.  They also run the Ahlers Cloud, which many agencies depend on to collect Title X data, make appointments, post lab results, track pharmaceutical prescriptions and inventory, and bill clients and 3rd party claims.

For most of this year we have been working to get our servers updated and new equipment purchased, and we are happy to report that as of this writing about half of them have been updated to MS Server 2016 Standard.  We still have much more work to do, most notably getting all of our Ahlers Cloud users migrated from the older servers to the newer ones.

So, if you are an agency using the Ahlers Cloud software suite, you will soon be receiving an email and phone call from Ahlers Customer Service staff to schedule an update to your Ahlers Cloud shortcut (if you haven’t already).  And if you aren’t using the Ahlers Cloud, please be aware that the Windows software your agency is running WILL be vulnerable to hackers and data breaches if it is one of the Microsoft operating systems scheduled for decommissioning early next year.

Don’t be the next headline, get your servers and workstations upgraded before it’s too late!

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