New Look Patient Statement

As we continue to grow and move forward as a company, we also make enhancements to our suite of products and services available to our clients.  One of the latest changes that we have made is to add an additional patient statement option patient named Form B to our Ahlers Integrated Solution Practice Management system.

Form B contains similar patient information as Form A but has a different layout.  Form B has a more prominent display of your agency name and address, it has a bolded area for the amount due, and has a clear marked remittance stub for return with the patient’s payment.

Payment options are printed on Form B.  3 payment options stating the patient can pay by mail, they may call in and pay by phone, or pay in person.  Under the pay by phone option we take your agency phone number and place it in this option so there isn’t any need to customize the information yourself.

If you’re looking to customize or personalize the statement then simply change the statement comments before printing.

If you’re interested in using Form B but don’t see the option in your Ahlers software, then feel free to contact customer service at 800-888-1836 ext.140 or by e-mail

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