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Lab Results
We’ve been very busy building interfaces in 2017, in addition to the PDMP interface mentioned above. Complementing the existing Lab Results interfaces with CDD, Cytocheck, ND, MD, and OR state labs, we have added a couple more. Now included on the list are Clinical Pathology Labs (CPL) and the NE state lab. And Quest is next on the list! We have also added the capability for any lab to send electronic results directly to our servers instead of burdening you with setting up secure ftp connections and adjusting firewall settings. Importing electronic lab results is a huge time saver because results for all of the labs listed above import seamlessly into the Ahlers Lab module as well as our EMR product, PracticeSuite. Stop entering lab results manually into Ahlers and scanning lab results into PracticeSuite! Press a button and let them fly!
We also developed an interface with an appointment reminder program, CareMessage. This program generates appointment reminders in multiple forms, including telephone and text message. Simply upload a file from the Ahlers Appointment Scheduling module which includes the appointment dates of clients you wish to notify into the CareMessage website. If a client has been flagged as No Contact, or Mail Only, they will not be included in the file sent to CareMessage. It’s as simple as that! If you’d like more information about CareMessage, visit their website at
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