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Earlier this year we received a request to develop a new website report from a state Family Planning program administrator. She wanted to see an unduplicated client count for the past 3 years on a single screen for all of the sub-recipient agencies receiving funding from her office. She also wanted it to be date-selectable, in case she wanted to run year-to-date reports which spanned 3 years back.We are pleased to announce the report was added to the web site ( a few months ago and is accessible to state users by clicking on STATE CLIENT REPORT on the left side menu. As we were developing this new report, it seemed to be a logical conclusion to make this report to agency-level users who administer multiple sites since we did it for state-level users who administer multiple agencies. So for all of you who have an agency-level login, you may run the same report as the state user report by clicking on PROJECT CLIENT REPORT on the left side menu, except it will show all of your sites instead of all agencies in the entire state. The report only takes a few seconds to run and may be printed to hardcopy or exported to Excel. We hope this new report will prove to be a valuable tool when you need quick and easy trend data!

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