New Website Is Here!

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Ahlers website! While it is true that phrase became cliché in 1950’s advertising, we think it really does apply to our new website. It has been updated to make it compatible with all forms of mobile devices, a Contact Us page has been added, and best of all, a new Chat Room feature is now available for those of you who would rather type than talk! We have also added the new Blog section you are currently reading, as well as a “Tips” section for all things Ahlers.  All of the old favorites from the old site are still there, such as the Client Login button on the upper right, the Webex Support Session shortcut on the Support menu, and transmission file upload, Build A Report, and monthly report retrieval functions in the Client Login section.

We hope you like the new site as much as we do, and thank you for visiting!

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